The word “boudoir” originated from French and can be traced back to the mid-18th century. In French, “boudoir” refers to a woman’s private sitting room or bedroom. It comes from the word “bouder,” which means “to sulk” or “to pout.” Originally, a boudoir was a space where a woman could retire to relax, reflect, or engage in personal activities away from the public eye.

I have been shooting boudoir photography since 2017. Since then I have shot both inside a studio and on location such as in a hotel room, a bedroom, or in any part of a condo unit. The best photos are always those shot on location. I will share with you the reason why I prefer shooting on location over in a studio.

Authenticity and Personalization

Shooting on location allows you to create a more personalized and authentic atmosphere for your boudoir photography. The surroundings, whether it’s a client’s home, a luxury hotel, or a beautiful outdoor setting, can add depth and character to the images. The location reflects the client’s personality and can help create a more intimate and meaningful experience.

Emotional Connection

Boudoir photography is about capturing the essence and beauty of an individual. Shooting in a familiar or meaningful location can help the subject feel more comfortable and connected to their surroundings. This emotional connection often translates into more authentic and intimate images.

Versatility and Variety

Shooting on location provides a wider range of options for compositions, angles, and settings. You can take advantage of different rooms, furniture, architectural elements, or outdoor landscapes to create diverse and visually captivating images. This versatility can lead to a more dynamic and interesting boudoir photography session.

Storytelling and Context

Shooting on location allows you to incorporate storytelling elements into the images. The setting can provide context and narrative, creating a visual story that goes beyond traditional studio shots. Whether it’s capturing a client’s hobbies, interests, or everyday life, shooting on location helps to tell a more comprehensive story through the photographs.

Natural Light and Unique Settings

Shooting on location gives you access to natural light, which can create soft, flattering, and more organic lighting conditions. Natural light can enhance the mood and ambiance of the images, adding a touch of realism and depth. Additionally, shooting in different locations provides unique backdrops and settings that add variety and interest to the photographs.

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